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Silver Package 5 Year Coating
($995 3D 9H) - ($1,500 Ceramic Pro 9H) 2 Door Coupe/Conv.($1,250 3D 9H) - ($1,795 Ceramic Pro 9H) 4 Door Car/SUV
($1,395 3D 9H) - ($1,995 Ceramic Pro 9H) Large SUV / 2500 & up 

1 Coat of Ceramic 9H on all painted exterior surfaces​

1 Top Coat of Ceramic Top Coat on all painted exterior surfaces​​​​

1 Coat of Ceramic Top Coat on all exterior glass & windows​​

1 Coat Of Ceramic 9H & Caliper to wheel & caliper face​​


*All Ceramic packages included our incredible Hand Wash, Paint Claybar, & Rim Clean. Also included is a Polishing step to remove ​small imperfections and prepare paint for coating. Vehicle is wiped with prep solution just before coating installation.

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