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Foam Cannon hand Wash

Hi-pressure rinse of entire vehicle


All 4 wheels are sprayed with professional wheel cleaning acid and are cleaned with a soft brush


Hi pressure rinse of wheels  


Foam Gun application of Trans-Mate HI-Foam Type “S” pH Neutral Auto Wash


Vehicle is hand washed with micro fiber wash mitt


Pressure rinse of entire vehicle


Absorber chamois dry of entire vehicle

Compressed air blown exterior crevices


Tire shine is applied to all 4 tires


Exterior windows are cleaned


Bug and tar debris are removed were necessary

*Cannot wash Ceramic Coated cars not coated by DHWD*

surcharges & add ons

Clay Bar Treatment & Meguiars 26 100% Carnauba Wax ($100)

Clay Bar Treatment & Endless Shine Detail Spray for ($150)


Clay Bar Treatment & Ceramic Pro Sport Application with 6 Month Warranty ($400)

Foam Cannon Hand Wash Middleton MA
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